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Upcoming Event
Event: Colorado Mountains 2020
Type: Club
Location: Denver, CO 80123
Date(s): 7/10/2020 - 7/12/2020
Coordinator: Dave Breggin
Mechanical Support: Member Supported
Description:  Colorado Mountain Adventure 2020

Come join us for another great 3-day event in the Colorado Mountains.

It will be held on Friday July 10th through Sunday July 12th 2020.  

Event coordinator:  Dave Breggin

Friday will be a short trail with tech sessions.  Topic suggestions welcome.

Saturday will be an all-day trail.  Sunday will be a little shorter, planning to end in the middle of the afternoon.


We will spend a good bit of time above 10000 feet, a great way to beat the summer heat.  We will be running trails on National Forest & BLM land to the west of Denver.  Exact trails will be determined at the event so we can accommodate everyone.  We have a huge network of trails to choose from with all levels of difficulty. Trails are usually hard dirt with imbedded rock, some loose rock, not much mud but a little rain can change everything.  Most trails are forested, so mild pin-striping is always possible.  No vehicle body damage is anticipated.


Mechanical support is by Darrell of Hinsdale Automotive.  
Dave from BlueHummer will have parts, tools, and advice.



Driver’s meeting each day at 7:30 AM, meeting place to be determined.

Friday July 10:  Short trail, perhaps with tech sessions.  Bring your questions, and plan on a relaxed, informative day.  Planned return to Denver area for dinner.

Saturday July 11:  Trail day.  Trail to be determined.  Planned return to Denver area for dinner.

Sunday July 12:  Trail day.  Trail to be determined.  Planned return to Denver area by mid-afternoon.


Event Fees:  $20 total for Truck/Driver/Passengers.

Event coordinator:  

Dave Breggin

Phone: 303-798-5518.

Some notable Information:

  • Driver's meeting each morning at the designated location.  Be fueled up and also bring extra water, lunch, and some extra snacks.
  • A CB for communication is required.
  • Soft folding chairs are recommended for trail lunches and for the tech session
  • Dress in layers.  There can be significant temperature changes over the course of the day and with the changes in altitude
Per Truck:$20.00
Registration Info:  
Mechanical Support is provided at all major Club events
At Major events the event coordinator and other club members will support any needed repairs to the best of their ability so everyone can fully participate and get home afterwards. We will work to the best of our ability to support you. Your truck must be in excellent mechanical condition due to the nature of these events. Basic hand tools and spare parts on-hand and/or parts that wear when off-roading we suggest you carry. Contact the event coordinator if you have questions about mechanical support and/or what to bring.
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