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The Club Board

C. J. Clish, President

I’m CJ Clish. I got into Hummer's many years ago. I was always fascinated with in the Hummer brand and the escalade. I always wanted one or the other but they were well out of my price range. About 15 years ago my wife bought me my first H2, Ever since then I've been hooked on them. I still have my first H2 and I do not intended to ever get rid of it. I am a car audio enthusiast and was in the trade for many years. I currently live in Northern Michigan but not the UP. I own three companies that I make my living from, two are internet based and the other is a handyman service. My wife’s name is Tabatha and I have two children, Christopher and Zaylee.

Dave Yeck, CFO 

Dave grew up in Southwestern Ohio where his first off road experiences were with a Toyota Land Cruiser and a 1964 Tuxedo Park Mark IV Jeep. He later progressed to dirt bikes and then in the late 90's while watching a TV series called Renegade he saw a Hummer for the first time and that was it - he had to have one.  So in April of 1999 he purchased a 4DROT and in October of that year he began going off road.

Since then he has been off road at least 2 or 3 times per year attending many dealership and Hummer club events.

Dave now lives in Sellersville, PA and is putting his 25 years of owning and operating a variety of businesses to use with The Hummer Club, Inc,  He believes an open line of communication with the membership is an important vehicle to help The Hummer Club, Inc. grow and invites all members to contact him with any ideas, questions or concerns.

George Yankay, Director

George Yankay has been a member of THCI since July 24, 2007. That was the day he and his wife Sharon bought “Firebush”, a 2004 Luxury Edition H2. Their first event was at “The Homestead” in VA. From that day on a tradition was born in that Sharon ALWAYS drives the first day (and he freely admits that SHE is the better driver on the trails). In doing this, Hummering has become a FAMILY hobby. His oldest daughter Lorelei drove the first day one year at Rausch Creek and did an excellent job. Over the years and the many events George and his family have attended his mind set of “Others First” has become his Mantra. Though Firebush has proven herself many times on the trails, and Sharon has been asked (jokingly) not to drive with the H2 crowd that she belongs with the H1’s, George always volunteers to line up with the “newbie’s”. His greatest pleasure is watching as the newest members conquer the obstacles before them. His pay off are the smiles and fireside stories that ensue. By doing this he hopes to create camaraderie and grow the HUMMER family……..HUMMER “Like Nothing Else”

Kevin Ambler

I began turning wrenches in High school and racing ¼ mile drag strips in my Mustang as when I was a youngster.

Joined the USAF and continued racing until I was offered a Jeep in trade for my car.  Began to explore the world of 4X4.  Long story short I began forging trails and making new ones.  Discharged from the Air Force and continued to off road.  Joined an Off-Road club, (which was featured in Petersen’s 4Wheel & Off-Road) and explored many adventures and trail rides with the club all over the USA.  Too many to name, but I’m sure many of you have read about them, or been there.

Involved in a serious car accident on my way to work early one morning and probably would not be able to walk again according to my doctors, so I sold my jeeps. =(sad day, but I pushed all boundaries during rehab and overcame many obstacles).  I made a decision to move to North Carolina and purchased an Isuzu rodeo.  Did mild wheeling over the next 17 years but nothing compared to what I had in the past.  After 310,000 miles it was time to find a new truck.  Went out in search for a Toyota FJ.  To my surprise at a dealership, my eyes fixed upon a black (FOX EDITION) H2!! quibbled, hemmed and hawed, bargained and finally negotiated a good price on the 2006 H2 with 66,000 miles on it.  Did some searching on the internet looking for information, Clubs, etc., because I knew this Beast was looking for trails and mud. 

Found the Hummer Club Inc. and was told, in order to join, I would have to go on a trail ride first. Was also told there was a trip at Uwharrie coming up. Met the club at the Out Post for my first adventure. One of the members rode along with me to evaluate, talk, and over all just give me some advice and tips about a H2 and the pro’s and con’s as we rode trails. It was really muddy, slick and even snowed a bit on the last day.  I joined the club as soon as I returned home.  A year later I purchased a second one.

Mike Owens - Events

Bill Phillips - Secretary

Bill has been a member of the Hummer club since 1999.  Bill first discovered Hummers in 1994 while attending the Arnold Classic in Columbus, OH.  AM General was a sponsor at the event and they had a Hummer on display along with the original sales promotion video.  From that moment on, he had to have one.  He ordered his 98 4DROT in early 1998 and was thrilled when it was finally delivered to the dealership in March of that year.  He attended his first event in Hazelton, PA later that year with a group of Hummer owners.  This was the first time he was ever offroad and was worried about getting his new truck scratched.  It didn’t take long to learn the capabilities of the vehicle and feel comfortable tackling more extreme terrain.  

Bill has attended many Hummer club events over the years in PA, WV, TN, IN, KY and MI.  The club offers the opportunity to do conservative to extreme off-roading along with other members who are there to help each other out on the trails. He enjoys the comradery and the opportunity to meet a variety of people who all share a common love for the Hummer.

Bill lives near Pittsburgh, PA and joined the board to help grow the membership of the club and offer his ideas from the perspective of a long-term Hummer owner.  

See you on the trails!

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