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The Club Board

Clarke Ferber, President

Clarke has been a Hummer owner since 1999 and has been an active member of the Hummer community ever since. Clarke owns two Hummer H1's, a H3T, and two HMMWV's. One has been a multi-year enginge swap and never-ending upgrade to a Duramax with the Alpha geared fan drive...

Clarke has organized or contributed to Hummer based events sarting in 2000, ranging from multi-day events at the famous Glamis Sand Dunes in California to wrenching parties on the East Coast.  After many years as an active Western US Hummer owner, Clarke is now living in Southeast PA and enjoying learning how off-roading is done in the East. Elected President of the club in January 2016.

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Dave Yeck, CFO & Membership

Dave grew up in Southwestern Ohio where his first off road experiences were with a Toyota Land Cruiser and a 1964 Tuxedo Park Mark IV Jeep. He later progressed to dirt bikes and then in the late 90's while watching a TV series called Renegade he saw a Hummer for the first time and that was it - he had to have one.  So in April of 1999 he purchased a 4DROT and in October of that year he began going off road.

Since then he has been off road at least 2 or 3 times per year attending many dealership and Hummer club events.

Dave now lives in Sellersville, PA and is putting his 25 years of owning and operating a variety of businesses to use with The Hummer Club, Inc,  He believes an open line of communication with the membership is an important vehicle to help The Hummer Club, Inc. grow and invites all members to contact him with any ideas, questions or concerns.

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Michael Payne, Director

Michael Payne is from Tulsa, Ok.  Michael has enjoyed Hummer ownership for over 10 years and have been part of The Hummer Club since September 6, 2008. His first Hummer was an H1. He saw it and knew instantly it would be his - no test drive needed.  After purchasing the H1 (which he still owns), Michael bought an H2.  Both are great & serve different purposes.  The Hummers being the best and most fun when driving over large rocks & obstacles.

Michael is a gadget man and when he buys something, it's very difficult for him to leave it stock. Michael has added several different things to his Hummer but believes beefier the better. 

Michael is proud to be a part of The Hummer Club.  Sharing moments of fun, tackling obstacles, building lifelong friendships are just a few of the reasons why this organization is so great.  When he see's other people out with their Hummers Michael enjoys talking to them & sharing all the fun adventures we've had with the club & he urges them to be a part of it.  

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George Yankay, Director

George Yankay has been a member of THCI since July 24, 2007. That was the day he and his wife Sharon bought “Firebush”, a 2004 Luxury Edition H2. Their first event was at “The Homestead” in VA. From that day on a tradition was born in that Sharon ALWAYS drives the first day (and he freely admits that SHE is the better driver on the trails). In doing this, Hummering has become a FAMILY hobby. His oldest daughter Lorelei drove the first day one year at Rausch Creek and did an excellent job. Over the years and the many events George and his family have attended his mind set of “Others First” has become his Mantra. Though Firebush has proven herself many times on the trails, and Sharon has been asked (jokingly) not to drive with the H2 crowd that she belongs with the H1’s, George always volunteers to line up with the “newbie’s”. His greatest pleasure is watching as the newest members conquer the obstacles before them. His pay off are the smiles and fireside stories that ensue. By doing this he hopes to create camaraderie and grow the HUMMER family……..HUMMER “Like Nothing Else”

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Tommy Massengale, Director

From Chattanooga, TN, he grew up on a farm and lived on the trails with his dirt bike.  A dear friend bought an H1 in 1994 and from that moment Tommy was hooked.  He has owned three H1's starting in 1998 and an H2 in 2003.  Currently he owns two Hummers, an HMMWV and a 2002 H1 Open Top.  After semi retiring from construction he now does development work and in his spare time, is an avid off road enthusiast.  The local trails are all but closed to the public now so traveling to rallies has become the new norm for him.  Hummers are a way of life in his family and meeting like-minded friends during events is an added bonus.  Tommy's primary focus is to the parts suppliers and vendors of our trucks here today as well as 20 years from now. Having vendor and parts suppliers is critical to the enjoyment of our vehicles.  Hummers are truly "Like Nothing Else" indeed.  Tommy is looking forward to seeing you on the trails soon....

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