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The Club Board

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Dave Yeck, President and CFO & Membership

Dave grew up in Southwestern Ohio where his first off road experiences were with a Toyota Land Cruiser and a 1964 Tuxedo Park Mark IV Jeep. He later progressed to dirt bikes and then in the late 90's while watching a TV series called Renegade he saw a Hummer for the first time and that was it - he had to have one.  So in April of 1999 he purchased a 4DROT and in October of that year he began going off road.

Since then he has been off road at least 2 or 3 times per year attending many dealership and Hummer club events.

Dave now lives in Sellersville, PA and is putting his 25 years of owning and operating a variety of businesses to use with The Hummer Club, Inc,  He believes an open line of communication with the membership is an important vehicle to help The Hummer Club, Inc. grow and invites all members to contact him with any ideas, questions or concerns.

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Kevin Philips

Kevin has been owner since 2010 and an active member for years who organizes and hosts the club events at Rausch Creek and AOAA in Pennsylvania. His first truck is a H3T, which he upgraded with the Slantback and has been building it for offroad use since. His current trail truck is a modified and upgraded 1985 HMMWV with a 6.5TD engine restored by Blair Outlan for even more fun.

Kevin has been off-roading since 2010, mainly east coast and mid west.  Some of the more scenic offroad locations he attended were Sunday River Maine and Drummond Island, Michigan.

Kevin lives in Oakton Virginia, he enjoys setting up events for the club and meeting the members at events.  Most important, since his hmmwv has no electronics and is at best moderately uncomfortable on the interstate, he enjoys being on the trails.


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George Yankay, Director

George Yankay has been a member of THCI since July 24, 2007. That was the day he and his wife Sharon bought “Firebush”, a 2004 Luxury Edition H2. Their first event was at “The Homestead” in VA. From that day on a tradition was born in that Sharon ALWAYS drives the first day (and he freely admits that SHE is the better driver on the trails). In doing this, Hummering has become a FAMILY hobby. His oldest daughter Lorelei drove the first day one year at Rausch Creek and did an excellent job. Over the years and the many events George and his family have attended his mind set of “Others First” has become his Mantra. Though Firebush has proven herself many times on the trails, and Sharon has been asked (jokingly) not to drive with the H2 crowd that she belongs with the H1’s, George always volunteers to line up with the “newbie’s”. His greatest pleasure is watching as the newest members conquer the obstacles before them. His pay off are the smiles and fireside stories that ensue. By doing this he hopes to create camaraderie and grow the HUMMER family……..HUMMER “Like Nothing Else”

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Mary Ann Martin, Director

Mary Ann Martin has been a member of THCI since September, 2016. Mary Ann proudly drives a Yellow 2--3 H2 and has attended Club events in Kentucky and North Carolina. Mary Ann lives in Ohio and loves to travel and off road her H2;

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