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The Benefits of Club Membership are Many and Include: the world's only HUMMER magazine, AZIMUTH, Everything HUMMER (contains sections on Land Use Advocacy, Club News, National and Regional Events, Tech Tips, Product Reviews, Member Discounts and more); the availability of high quality national and regional events and activities; and much, much more. Get involved with Hummer activities conducted under a set of SOPs consistent with a high quality and controlled, family-oriented environment.

Membership Requirements. The Hummer Club is open to "Owners" of Hummer vehicles, herein defined as an owner or active operator of Hummer vehicles. Note: Non-Hummer vehicles are allowed at club events by event coordinators discretion.

A Regular Member shall have demonstrated an interest in advancing the aims and objectives of the corporation, be an Owner, have attended or registered for at least one Club event and paid the required dues. A Regular Member shall be entitled to retain membership so long as they remain an Owner and dues are paid and remain current. Voting privileges shall be granted to Regular Members in good standing only.

An Associate Member shall be an Owner. All new memberships will be registered as Associate members, pay Club dues and approved by a majority of the Board. An Associate Member shall be entitled to retain such Membership so long as the dues set by the Board of Directors remain paid current. Associate members have all privileges of the Club except the right to vote on Club matters. An Associate Member will automatically be converted to a Regular Member upon registration and attendance at a Club event.

Dues, Fees & Assessments. Each member must pay, within the timeframe specified and under the conditions set forth by the Board, the dues in amounts to be fixed by the Board. The current dues are set at $65.00/year.

Membership Committee. The Club's membership committee can answer any of your questions and may be reached at the following email address:
The committe members are: Dave Yeck.

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